The Toast

Posted by Ethan Kelley on May 19th 2020

Simple in its thought, and profound in its action. Raising a glass to friends, neighbors, and strangers alike, there is something delightful and of enough import that a dinging fork on the lip of a rocks glass can bring a bustling room to a stand still. The following words are chosen carefully, and once said they are ever etched in the hearts and minds of the people who were blessed to hear them.

These days, we stand six feet apart if we are lucky, in many cases we stand alone, glass in hand. On the best days we can scream and applaud healthcare workers out of our windows, but the artistry of words are simply lost in the noise.

It could be argued that words were never meant to be said or written, rather they are meant to be heard and read. As we grow further accustomed to being apart, solitude becomes a state of existence for so many. I encourage you all to remember your friends and loved ones and how to give a proper toast, to reach out virtually, over the phone, in a letter, or spoken loudly from your balcony. Your words matter, and the world should hear them.

“Here’s to staying positive, and testing negative.”

A few toast worthy bottles to set the stage

Bulleit 10 year Bourbon

Cinnamon buns burst forward bringing all the character of a high rye bourbon with it. Focused on cinnamon and clove the sweetness is delicate and understated. The entry pops with more spice and the added complexity of vegetal notes that brighten a dark and brooding char offering extraordinary depth. The finish is shockingly vibrant and led by clove which gives way to pastry icing and caramel sauce.

WhistlePig 12 year Old World

Deserts abound, catching the tempting aromas of layer cake, rice pudding, and Boston cream. The entry stays as inviting but unleashes summer fruits of tart berries and overripe peaches which is balanced by a stately depiction of old oak, spice, and barn worn leather. The finish increases in character and richness showcasing perfect oak, chocolate covered blueberries and butterscotch.

Kentucky Owl Confiscated

Orchard fruits dominate and teeter in the realm of homemade Brown Betty. The brown sugar is king of this parade but shares a joyful stage nutmeg and rich oak that balances the peach and apple notes. First sip is lightning but after time it shows us a spice forward sipper that focuses on the herbal notes so often buried and a rich fig paste that couples beautifully well with fresh vanilla bean. The finish is assertive and forthright with exceptional depictions of vanilla sweetness, dried fruits, and loads of spice.