Porch Pounders

Posted by Ethan Kelley on Jun 5th 2020

As we wrap up Memorial Day and launch what is sure to be a slightly different approach to summer, I am confronted again with an age old problem. How to stay outside and enjoy everything that the season has to offer and still drink well without sucking the fun out of a neighborhood corn hole tournament.

The answer my friends can be found in that beacon of hope and awesomeness called the Red Solo Cup. This formidable drinking vessel has launched love affairs, business ideas, and debates of all matter. It is a classic and must be treated with reverence. As it is the key ingredient in today's discussion.

The porch pounder is a 2 ingredient drink, that can be made with little to no effort or attention span. The drink has ratios that defy arithmetic and in some cases physics too. Done right and consumed responsibly on one’s own back porch these drinks are the unsung heroes of long summer days soon to be here.

So get out there, stock up the cooler, roll that beast out into the sun, pick up a sleeve or two of Red Solo cups and kick those flip flops off and enjoy the best of porch pounders.

Tanqueray 10 and Fresca

Holy smokes, be warned this one will sneak up on you. I prefer this one for those days where the party gets started on the early side. Keep this one on a leash.

Diplomatico Planas and Mandarin Jarritos

When the party starts to fire up and the bellies are full this easy one will start a party like no other, make sure to have some island music on the play list, paper lanterns are a must.

Maker’s Mark Arnold Palmer

Perfect for family affairs where some of your elders may get a little judgy judgy. Put one of these in their hands and welcome them into the fold. If they still balk at your life choices, take your drinks to the neighbors house and adopt a new family.